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Sustainable Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Waterhaul's blue light blocking glasses are designed to shield your eyes from the harmful effects of digital screens, such as mobile phones, and computer screens. Experience the difference with Waterhaul's innovative eyewear, made from 100% recycled ocean plastic. Learn more.


I adore these sunglasses. So lightweight and comfortable, I'm going to get some prescription glasses too because they don't leave marks on my nose nor weigh down on my ears. I'm always trying to reduce my carbon footprint and the ethics of this company are great. Super customer service too. I upgraded to polarised and I'm impressed. Had a few compliments about them and I've only had them a few weeks.

Vanessa Lancaster

July 2022

My optician said they were the nicest and easiest to work with recycled material for frames that they had seen so far. I am so happy with them best pair of glasses I've ever had in 20 years, very comfy. I need varifocals that's why my optician was dealing with it.

Mel Baldock

April 2023

I contacted Waterhaul to ask which lenses to choose as I have light sensitivity and need dark lenses for driving. They gave me all the information I needed and the blue mirror lenses are helping with low winter sun and road reflections. Great clarity as well. Highly recommend.

Anne Orchard

February 2023

I have owned a number of knives but this one sits very well in the hand. I volunteer at a nature reserve and it will come in handy for my clearing duties. And I love the fact that it's made from recycled plastic from the sea. Keep up the great work.

Lynda Wheeldon

August 2022

Have had these for a while now and they get used all the time whilst we do our dog walks/litter picks in the North Devon region where we live. Lightweight yet durable and obviously have been made to a very high standard - very highly recommended.

Eldon Wethered

May 2023

As with everything we have ordered from waterhaul, the litter pick hoop and bag are fab. Strong, sturdy and of course made using recycled materials. Arrived quicky and has been put to use many times already! Cheers.

Christopher Till

August 2022


At Waterhaul, we believe in creating eyewear that makes a genuine difference. Frustrated by the lack of truly eco-friendly options, we developed our Blue Light Blocking Glasses to combat digital eye strain while actively reducing plastic pollution in our oceans.

Whether you're at home, working in an office or out on your adventures, we know the need to interact with digital screens.  Our glasses are designed to stand the test of time, promoting both environmental responsibility and personal well-being.

Plus, with our lifetime guarantee, these would be the last pair of blue light filtering glasses you will need.  Made from ocean plastic recovered directly ourselves from our coastline we are devoted to ensuring you’re always supported in your journey towards clearer vision and a cleaner planet.

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 Blue Light is a type of high-energy light emitted by electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers that can have a negative impact on our eyes.

Learn more about how Blue Light Blocking Glasses can protect your eyes from the negative effects of prolonged screen time and improve overall eye health. 



Every paid of glasses sold directly enables the expansion of our ghost gear recovery and recycling efforts by creating a demand for plastic to be removed from the ocean.

You'll also be supporting the delivery of PlaNET Action, our unique education program. We deliver workshops across the UK, with our portable ocean plastic recycling machines and our marine biologist educators deployed to engage and inspire the next-generation to understand the marine environment, why we should protect it, and to encourage innovative thinking. 

100% Recycled Fishing Nets

Our frames are entirely recycled  - absolutely zero virgin plastic

Reduces Eye Strain

Countering the negative effects of prolonged digital screen use

Aids Your

Blocking blue light a few hours before bed improves sleep quality

Waterhaul Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

We'll replace and recycle your frames for free, forever


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