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We firmly believe that the extended producer responsibility model is an essential step for industry to take in order to address plastic pollution. We want to fully account for every single piece of (recycled) plastic that Waterhaul produces. Whilst we only redesign plastic waste into products that are built to last, our mission for any products which do reach the end of their lifecycle is to achieve a 100% recycling rate.

A circular economy.

Our eyewear lifetime warranty delivers on this. By offering you an incentive, we aim to capture every pair of broken or damaged frames. Simply return your sunglasses or eyewear frames to us and we will repair or replace the frame free of charge (just cover shipping).

The beauty of our closed-loop production process means that we can guarantee that every single pair of sunglasses returned will be repaired or recycled. Just like a fishing net intercepted from the ocean, returned frames will be washed, sorted, shredded and repurposed into a new pair, ready for new adventures.

Please note, the lifetime guarantee applies to our eyewear frames only. We charge a small fee for recycling and replacing other product components, such as our sunglasses lenses, prescription lenses and any of our litter picking equipment.


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