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From Waste, To Resource
Sunglasses Made From Recycled Fishing Nets 

Recycled Sunglasses & Eyewear


Each pair of sunglasses sold directly enables the expansion of our ghost gear recovery and recycling efforts by creating a demand for plastic to be removed from the ocean.

You'll also be supporting the delivery of PlaNET Action, our unique education program. We deliver workshops across the UK, with our portable ocean plastic recycling machines and our marine biologist educators deployed to engage and inspire the next-generation to understand the marine environment, why we should protect it, and to encourage innovative thinking. 


Designed for ocean adventures

Polarised lenses and saltwater-resistant components

100% recycled fishing net

Our frames are entirely recycled  - absolutely zero virgin plastic

Barberini Glass Lenses

The world's most premium and sustainable lenses

Waterhaul Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

We'll replace and recycle your frames for free, forever


I bought a pair of Waterhaul sunglasses for my partner and she absolutely loved them. When she learn't that they were made from recycled fishing nets I think she fell in love with them just that little bit more. We were both really pleased with the quality of the sunglasses, they are really well made and feel like they are going to last a long time. Infact, I liked them so much, I've since bought a pair for myself too!

Jon Moore


I was introduced to these sunglasses by a fiend who had purchased a pair a few months earlier. When I asked her about them she had nothing but good things to say. They way they are made from ghost nets is remarkable, they fit my face perfectly and no compromise has been made on quality at any point. The lifetime warranty on the frames is also most reassuring and I'm really pleased with my purchase.

Sarah Harris


It took a lot of online research for me to finally decide on Waterhaul sunglasses. I really love the ethos of the company, the fact that purchasing my sunglasses gave me a warm fuzzy feeling that I wasn't adding to the plastic problem, I was actively participating in recycling nets that would otherwise still be floating around in the oceans harming wildlife. Delivery was really quick and they are great quality.

Hannah Charles


Firstly let me say that my Waterhaul sunglasses look great! They arrived quickly, beautifully wrapped in a cork sunglasses case and they seem really sturdy and well made. Being made from 100% recycled fishing nets is win in the fight to reduce ocean plastics too!

Matthew Woodford


I've owned a fair few pairs of sunglasses over the years and the Harlyn Aqua ones I currently own are right up there amongst my favourite. I absolutely love the colour, they are well made and I have high hopes that Waterhaul will continue to innovate and look after our oceans.

Mary Squires


Whenever I tell somebody that my sunglasses are made from recycled fishing nets nobody believes me until they check out Waterhaul for themselves. Amazing sunglasses, a good cause and great service makes me one happy customer inded.

Jack Curtis



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