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Net Missions: Pedn Vounder


Three people sitting on rocks with cliffs and sea behind them.

After visiting the beautiful coastline around Porthcurno and Pedn Vounder on Cornwall's Western Peninsula, local conservation artist Andrew Whittle got in touch with us and asked if we would be up for giving him a hand retrieving a large bundle of mooring rope he had spotted. We, of course, jumped at the opportunity to explore this picturesque part of Cornwall, and do what we love - removing ghost gear from the environment.

The weather was on our side, and after fuelling up at the local cafe in Treen, we were prepared for the hard but fun work ahead.

A rocky headland with the ocean visible behind

After scouting out the best way down to where we believed the mooring rope was, we were taken aback by the views, and the wild horses roaming just in front of us.

Pedn Vounder Beach, Cornwall, with cliffs framing white sand and turquoise ocean
A person stood on a pile of white mooring ropes amongst boulders

After a steep scramble down a rocky path, we found what we were looking for! Amazed at the sheer size and weight of the rope, we took a minute to put together an action plan to try and remove as much of the bundle as possible.

A pile of white mooring ropes amongst boulders

We got to work, cutting off as big a section as we could each time, and began the process of moving it back up the steep rocky path.

A person carrying a white ropes draped over their shoulders, with rocks and the sea in the background.
two people climbing up a steep path, with white rope in front of them, and the ocean visible behind them.

As we were well aware that this was just a fraction of the journey back to the car, and with the sun shining down on us, we decided to take a break for a well deserved swim.

two people sitting on rocks next to the sea, with a wave splashing them.
Three people in the sea, with waves crashing against rocks in the foreground.

Feeling refreshed, we prepared ourselves for the rest of the journey of getting the rope back to the car.

a man sitting on a rock wearing sunglasses with thick ropes draped over his shoulders

A few stumbles later, lots of laughs and some help from some very kind people, we finally made it!

“This was by far one of the more difficult recovery missions I’ve been a part of… the rocky terrain of South West Cornwall provided a wonderful setting for it, but a nightmare when it came to getting this hefty rope back to the van. I thought it wasn’t going to be impossible at one point but we banded together and got it done!” - Kieran (Head of B2B Sales)


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