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Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide 2023

Eco-friendly and ocean-positive Christmas gift ideas and stocking fillers

This Christmas you can give the gift of positive ocean action, with eyewear, accessories and adventure tools made with 100% recycled ghost fishing gear, collected from the coastline of Cornwall; bringing joy to the recipient and helping to protect our oceans at the same time!

Here's our Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for the ocean activist in your life!

1. Harlyn Aqua Sunglasses

Blue recycled sunglasses on a rock with blue fishing net in background

Named after Harlyn Bay in North Cornwall, a popular surfing spot thanks to the steep, hollow waves that perfectly barrel close to the shoreline.

Our fan-favourite style thanks to their unique 'sea glass' colouring that mimics the crystal clear Cornish waters in the summer. This colour comes entirely from the 100% recycled monofilament gill nets; considered one of the most harmful types of ghost fishing gear due to the high likelihood of wildlife entanglement, as they are virtually invisible underwater.

These circular panto-shaped sunglasses were created to fit a more casual and style-orientated position in our adventure-focused range, and are paired with our Mineral Glass+ lenses, offering supreme scratch resistance, optical clarity and sustainability.


2. Adventure Pocket Knives

Knives with blue handles on a rocky surface, with cardboard boxes and fishing net in the background.

Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast in your life, our range of pocket knives utilises the same 100% recycled monofilament gill nets as our Harlyn Aqua frames in the ergonomic handle, giving them the same unique colouration.

These 100% recycled handles are then paired with high-end stainless steel Italian blades, for their corrosion resistance properties, hardness (56HRC) and ability to hold an edge.

Our pocket knives come in three different styles; the multipurpose Adventure Knife for everyday adventures, and our serrated Blunt-Tipped and Hooked-Tipped Beach Cleaner's Knives, ideal for water safety and for freeing ghost gear.


3. Waterhaul Litter Picking Clean Up Kit

litter picking equipment on a rock, with fishing net in the foreground

These giftable kits contain everything you, or a loved one, will need to take action against plastic pollution!

Each kit contains a Folding Litter Picker, Bag Hoop, and Upcycled Sail Bag, utilising ghost fishing gear and maritime waste (upcycled sail cloth), to turn a problem into a solution.


4. Adjustable Eyewear Straps

Green and black eyewear straps with craft paper tags on rock, with sunglases and a cork case in the background

Our adjustable eyewear retainer straps are handmade in Looe, Cornwall, by our friends at Behaviour Change Cornwall, using ghost fishing nets collected from our coastline, and are ideal for keeping your prized pair of sunglasses or prescription glasses secure on your adventures or at home.

Each glasses strap is adjustable for a tighter or looser fit around your neck, and features stainless steel beads engraved with a batch number, corresponding to a specific ghost net that was collected by Behaviour Change Cornwall, allowing you to trace exactly where your strap has come from.

Our sunglasses straps have been custom-made to fit the entire Waterhaul recycled eyewear range, however, the adjustable loop design means they should fit with most other eyewear frames too, making them an ideal and useful stocking filler for the glasses wearer in your life!


5. Fitzroy Slate Sunglasses

Grey sunglasses on a blue rope with a cork glasses case

Inspired by the powerful winter storms that inundate our coastline with both swell and plastic pollution, Fitzroy is our classic, first-launched style that remains one of our bestsellers.

This style takes its name from the shipping forecast’s maritime zone in the Bay of Biscay, where powerful low-pressure systems build in strength before hitting our Cornish shores. This zone itself is named after the pioneering meteorologist Robert FitzRoy - inventor of the world’s first public weather forecast.

The classic-look rectangular shape of these sunglasses frames suits a broad range of face sizes, and can be paired with your choice of Grey or Blue Mirrored Mineral Glass+ or Polarised Mineral Glass+ lenses, making them the ultimate sunglasses for adventures.


6. Gift Vouchers

Waterhaul cork glasses case surrounded by recycled ocean plastic products

Still unsure what to get them? Or perhaps they require prescription eyewear?

Waterhaul Gift Vouchers make gifting positive ocean action easy, so the recipient can choose their favourite frame style, colour or prescription themselves. Our gift vouchers have no expiry date, and can can be used across all Waterhaul eyewear and equipment. If you get in touch with us, we can even post a Waterhaul Thank You postcard with a custom message, for a small P&P charge.


8th December 2023

Posted by Henry Giltjes-Vincent

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